//Self Care Volume 1 Your Start To A Great Day

Self Care Volume 1 Your Start To A Great Day

Self Care has been at the center of attention lately. I absolutely love the fact that we, as black women, are taking much better care of ourselves. I want us to go a bit deeper though. I want us to learn how to take control of our emotional state. I want us to change the direction of our day and our attitude with a simple thought.

Did you know that the key to having a good day could be as simple as having a good night? Studies show that whatever attitude you go to bed with, is usually the attitude you wake up with. Here’s a few simple steps to help you make your tomorrow stellar!

  1. Take control of bedtime. Don’t watch anything disturbing before you go to sleep. If you watch the news before bed, cancel it out with the cooking channel or HGTV.
  2. Cut the television off or down if you need the light from it.
  3. Close your eyes. Imagine what you want your day to look like. What experience will put you in the ultimate alignment? Don’t you dare think of things you don’t want to happen. Only imagine how you want your day to go. Example: Steady traffic, no one talking to you before you’ve had your coffee, and no dismissive emails. YES! More of that, please!
  4. Breathe in and out. Only think about your breathing. Keep breathing in and out and focus on breathing. This will calm your mind and help you wind down.

But that’s not all folks! You also have to follow it up with a great morning routine. Here’s how I start my day.

  1. When I wake up, I keep my eyes closed and I say thank you. Do this several times. Gratitude is a major key to a great day.
  2. I pray/meditate. Thank you could be your prayer. I meditate by breathing in and out and clearing my mind.
  3. I use my imagination just as the night before. I imagine how I want my day to go. I make sure I imagine how I want my drive to go.
  4. I get up and stretch!
  5. I say affirmations and mantras!

Now, we all have things happen that are out of our control. When I experience something I’ve deemed as negative, I allow myself to feel it. Then, I release it. I release it by thinking of something I’m grateful for. I say thank you. When that doesn’t work, I meditate. I clear my mind. I also continue to show gratitude.

All of this takes 5-10 minutes out of your night and morning! There’s no reason you can’t start your day off on the right foot.



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