//How do I practice self-care?

How do I practice self-care?

Basic self care techniques for the melanin minded individual. Self care is something that has not historically been made to be a big deal in our community and until recently was something that was possibly even frowned upon. Self-care has now been brought to the light and we are taking full advantage of it. So now that I have grabbed your attention you’re probably , “well what IS self-care?” By dictionary terminology, it is exactly what it says, “care for oneself.” Self-care has been widely used as a “mental health” phenomenon, however in modern day aspects it pertains to the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of self.

My top 5 self-care tips:

#1 Say NO– it is easy for you to get tied up in life and wanting to be everywhere all the time. Step back and see how you are wearing yourself the hell out! It is ok to say NO

#2 “Be here now”– this is actually terminology I picked up from my corporate job. It’s basically giving your full and undivided attention to whatever you are doing at any given moment. Don’t be at a meeting, scrolling through or answering emails. Don’t be out with friends and scrolling social media, or stuck in your phone the entire time ya’ll are out. BE THERE NOW!

#3 Meditation-This has been big for me here recently. Meditation doesn’t have to be extreme or intense, it can be a minute or an hour, that’s the beauty of it all, YOU decide what YOU need. I take several small breaks throughout the day and just zone out, stare in to space, listen to a quick inspirational podcast or video, sit in my care, walk around to get some fresh air, read my bible, devotions, affirmations, or other motivational material. Anything to get my mind off of the task at hand and to help me refresh my mind and finish my day or task off the right way.

#4 Unplug from life-in all aspects, turn off phones, computers, spouses, kids, and pets if needed!! It is so important to find a good mental space, to find that space it requires quiet, silence, and focus. Sometime going in airplane mode is the best thing to regain control over your mind. This along with mediation, is key!

#5 Celebrate YOU– this has been the hardest for me to do, but this year, I took full advantage of celebrating me, big and small victories, they ALL matter. How do I celebrate? Treat yo’ self!! Mani/Pedis, new attire, new products, take myself on dates, splurge a little (within my means lol), and just enjoy life! This is just the up of the iceberg when it comes to self-care and how to practice it daily. We would love to hear your favorite self care tips! Drop us a hot line or two to info@sisterboxes.com. We would love to share your story with our audience.


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  1. Crystal June 22, 2019 at 1:40 am - Reply

    LOVE this especially number 1and 5.

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